A business leader’s encouragement of “healthy eating habits and natural environment” in the regenerative farm

About a year after undergoing critical surgery for pancreatic cancer, Mr. Tadayuki Kyotani, a former senior member of Seiwajyuku* and a well-respected business leader in Japan, came to Hawaii. He has overcome a severe battle with the disease. He joined a study session of Dojo RITAH (Seiwajyuku Hawaii’s successor group), where he shared his experience of inexhaustible research for early cancer detection and the best treatment methods. He also emphasized the importance of meticulous attention to health, diet, and medical literacy.

On November 5, as former Seiwajyuku students and current Dojo RITAH members, Gary and Takae hosted a BBQ party at Second Nature Farm to celebrate Mr. Kyotani’s recovery. While we showed him around the farm, he encouraged us to make the farm profitable and pass it on to the next generation as a place to promote healthy eating habits, protect the natural environment, and help people regenerate both body, soul, and spirit.

Other members also reported on their recent activities. Mr. Kyotani gave sincere advice to each member as they shared the challenges they are currently facing, and all of us received a great deal of courage. Thank you very much, Ms. Kyotani. We all hope you will continue to work with great spirits!

(*NOTE: Seiwajyuku is a business group studying and implementing the life and management philosophy of the late Dr. Kazuo Inamori, who founded Kyocera and DDI (present KDDI) and made them Fortune 500 company and reconstructed many bankrupt enterprises such as Japan Airlines. Seiwajyuku was dissolved in 2019, but the successor groups have continued the activities worldwide. Second Nature Farm’s concept took in the Inamori philosophy “Respect the Universe, Love People.”)

This is a bonus video. It was made by one of the Dojo RITAH members who surprised me by reminding me of my birthday, which even I had forgotten.
Mr. Kyotani and all the participants are generating a wonderful magnetic field with their beautiful smiles, so I would like to share it with you.
(Thank you to everyone who sent me congratulatory messages!)

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日本の新聞社系週刊誌記者、第二電電(現KDDI)広報責任者を経て米国留学。「持続可能な発展」などの政策比較研究を行い2000年カリフォルニア大サンディエゴ校で太平洋国際関係研究修士号取得。ハワイで有機園芸業を行っていたGary E. Johnsonとの結婚を機に2005年ハワイへ移住。翻訳出版とヨガインストラクターを続けながらGaryと共同で、「健康な食の生産、体と心の浄化、自然生態系の保全」を目的(3Pモットー)にした「森林農業+ヨガ・瞑想」プロジェクトをオアフ島ワイマナロで推進している。

After working as a reporter for a weekly newspaper and as a public relations manager at Daini-Denden (now KDDI), she moved to the U.S. to study comparative policies, such as on “sustainable development.” In 2000, she received her M.A. in Pacific International Relations from the University of California, San Diego, and in 2005, she married Gary E. Johnson, an organic gardener in Hawaii. While continuing to work as a translator, publisher, and yoga instructor, she has been working together with Gary on the Agroforestry + Yoga/Meditation project in Waimanalo, Oahu, which aims to “produce healthy food, purify the body and mind, and preserve the natural ecosystem (3P motto).”