Healthy Food is Medicine

Our first seasonal event of 2024, the “Vernal Equinox Festival,” attracted well over 30 people and four large, friendly dogs, filling the small farm.

The theme of this year’s event was avocados and turmeric (autumn ukon), both just harvested from the farm. Chie, a healthy cooking expert, and Suzue, a healthy fasting consultant, talked about the nutrients and health benefits of avocado, which is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as oleic acid that reduces the risk of heart disease and plant fiber that improves bowel movements, and turmeric, which promotes digestion and liver function, reduces arthritis pain, and has antiseptic and detoxifying effects.

The dishes that used the most ingredients were quickly served on the table and gone in no time.

Excerpt from Suzue’s presentation slides
Excerpt from Suzue’s presentation slides

Left: Chie Wachi with Yukhoe Style Avocado Roll, Right: Suzie Nishiyama with Turmeric Koji Chicken Curry

Nature + Healthy Cuisine = Big Smiles

Participants also brought their own special dishes. The Second Nature Farm Members and volunteers enjoyed healthy and yummy dishes in the spring breeze from the ocean toward the Ko’olau mountains while catching up with each other. Their big smiles were spreading all over the farm.

The following “Summer Solstice Festival” is scheduled on Saturday between mid-June and early July. Let’s see what kind of harvest will appear on the table.

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