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About Our Farm

Gary and Takae

Second Nature Farm Hawaii is a natural farm located in the forest at the foot of the Ko’olau Mountains on the island of Oahu. It was developed in 2020 by Gary and Takae and a community of volunteers who supported them.

The farm produces vegetables and fruits using natural farming methods, which means no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used, and there is no unnecessary soil tillage. The produce is gentle on the body and retains the natural flavors of the blessings of nature.

Moreover, the farm is surrounded by beautiful nature on all sides, making it a healing space for visitors’ minds and bodies. The fields where wild grasses and healthy vegetables grow in harmony with each other, soaking up the energy of the mountains, and the fruit orchard where the contrast between the leaves of various sizes and shapes, and the sun’s light and shadow is stunning. The farm also welcomes visitors with Hawaii’s unique plants and flowers that thrive near the stream and pond.

Walking through the forest while listening to the murmuring brook, we encounter various birds competing for beautiful voices and a wild boar followed by their offspring passing by without hesitation. We, humans, feel grateful for being alive with other livings on the earth, which is sustained by the natural order.

At Second Nature Farm Hawaii, “Nature is the number one” (Gary). By using sustainable farming methods that follow the regenerative ecosystems, we aim to preserve soil and water resources, protect Hawaii’s beautiful mountains, rivers, and oceans, and revitalize people’s hearts and bodies through healthy food and work.

Corporate Policies

Mission and Purpose

To help people pursue their healthy lives in harmony with Nature

 Management Rationale

To provide opportunities for the material and spiritual fulfillment of all our employees, and through joint efforts, contribute to the betterment of society and humankind

3P Motto

Produce Healthy Food, Preserve the Ecosystem, and Purify the Body, Mind, and Spirit of People in Harmony with Nature

History of Our Farm

The state of our farm before cultivation in 2019.

The state of our farm before cultivation in 2019.

This is a glimpse of our farm before cultivation in 2019. After obtaining the Hawaii State lease assignment approval in May 2020, we carried out site cleaning, weed and undergrowth removal, land development, and continuously promoted soil improvement through natural farming methods.

The state of our farm after cultivation in 2020.

The state of our farm after cultivation in 2022.

This is the same location of our farm captured in 2022 after cultivation. It has been developed as a forest farm, and various crops are now thriving and yielding.



In our farm, we can harvest taro, breadfruit, passion fruit, banana, kale, cilantro, Swiss chard, turmeric, ginger, beets, daikon radish, edamame, various herbs, and various tropical flowers. We are also planning to grow many other crops.

Wild Animals

They are not only beasts that devastate crops but also symbiotic partners.

Volunteer members wanted for our farms

Volunteer members
Volunteer members

We are operating agroforestry farm in Waimanalo, Oahu, with the motto to “Produce Healthy Food, Preserve the Natural Ecosystem, and Purify the Body, Mind, and Spirit of People in Harmony with Nature.” Starting from the healthy soil preservation that protects the natural ecosystem from the mountains to the sea in Hawaii, we cultivate and harvest unique crops such as breadfruit, taro, avocado, banana, and passion fruit. How about joining us to experience the restoration of body, mind, and environment while soaking up the power of the Ko’olau Mountains? Please feel free to contact us through the inquiry form on our website.

For inquiries about Second Nature Farm Hawaii, please contact us here.